Popl Review- Powerful Digital Business Card Platform

POPL Business Card Review

Popl is a platform that offers digital business cards to various teams and individuals working all around. Users can easily send their digital business cards via text message, email, zoom background and other options. like popl review we are in process of reviewing in-depth specs on other digital business cards also.

It is a site that integrates various sites that helps in automating data entry, creating marketing flow, and exporting leads to CRM.

Based on my experience, I can say that the platform works hard to serve its clients with quality results at an actual rate.

What Are Digital Business Cards?

Sharing information is a crucial activity for the successful running of any organization. There is an invention of digital business cards to provide convenience to clients.

They are the modern ways to share information. Some people even call them virtual or popl business cards.

 Compared to physical cards or paper business cards, digital ones are interactive, cost-effective, and sustainable. There are various platforms in current time that offers these digital business cards.

I have taken my cards from Popl, a reliable platform that provides timely services. And moreover, traditional business card are outdated.

When I bought digital business cards from Popl, I got various facilities like instantly sharing contact info with clients. There are multiple ways of sharing detail with just a single tap:

·        QR code

·        Email

·        Tax

·        Link sharing

·        Email signatures

·        Social media sites

·        Virtual background

About Popl

Popl is the number 1 online platform that offers high-quality digital business cards. I have a personal experience with this platform.

From my point of view, the platform is 10 out of 10 in terms of the customer services it offers.

The main thing that attracts me to this platform is their timely response with quality results that will surely help you to run an organization with better link analytics with great UI.

Popl Features

1.     Share Information

You can make new and advanced contacts with the help of Popl. You will be taken on the screen; it will give the list of references to whom you can send your business details for further expansion.

When you start using Popl, you will have an advance link with the Popl CEO and other head. On the screen available, you will notice some options:

· The message icon will allow you to send information directly to the person you want to have a connection with.

· A scanner can be used to scan physical business cards and transfer the detail on time in electronic form.

·  The map is also available, which will help you if you have many clients on the platform.

2.     Export to CRM

It offers an option to integrate with CRM. It is a unique and attractive feature that any online platform can offer its clients.

The software used by the platform is of high quality, and export to CRM is possible with complete ease.

3.     Growth Rate is Faster

Your growth rate will be at a high level if you will use Popl as a tool to create digital business cards. It offers sharing option to users that make it their choice.

You can quickly get the information in your application and share it with others. There are various options that the site offer you to share your detail:

· First you can send the customized URL through email with a single click.

·  Sending option of URL is also available in the form of text. Based on your plan, there might be variations in the charges.

·  You can even make the QR code and easily transfer the details you wish to other people.

·  Popl offers an option to create a link between your cards and profile so that you can easily make a payment.

How to Use Popl?

The emergence of Popl is there with small and round stickers attached to the back of the phone.

These are the stickers that will help you in sharing information with people easily and in no time. With the use of near-field communication technology, data is transferred from one place to another.

It will help you to easily make the payment and share the details. Popl has a wide variety of options like popl tags, phone case stickers

Pros and cons of Popl

No matter which platform you choose to get online digital business cards, they will surely have advantages and disadvantages. No site in existence will only give you just plus point.

The only thing that users can consider is to choose a site that is genuine and reliable. Based on the services I received from Popl, I can conclude that it is a platform you can easily trust.


  • I personally like Popl as it is a good option for a business organization that is running on a small scale. They serve their clients at a genuine rate service.
  • Another thing I like about the platform is that it offers different business cards with some unique attributes.
  • The platform even offers its clients customization options. You can make changes in the cards and get effective results.
  •   They offer the ability to make the required changes in the branding based on the requirement of clients.


  • Limitation in use is available with the older cards.
  • There is difficulty in seeing the contact order that a person wishes to have.

Pricing Offered by Popl

Popl is an application that offers various packages to its clients. Users will get a free trial period based on the offer that users select.

First Package- For Individuals

You can go for a package that will be available at a monthly fee $ 6.49 USD, and in this, billing will be done annually. I have tried this package, and it is a good option at a genuine rate.

I even received 14 days free trial period after I had taken this package. Under this package, you will generally not receive any free Popl products. Rest there are unique services available.

Second Package- For Organization

A variation in prices is available for an organization that applies to various packages on Popl. Generally, a free trial period of 30 days is included in this form of package.

You will get an advanced form of the services if you choose this package offered by Popl. Even for every member, there is a facility for one free product.

Benefits of These cards

There is no doubt that using printed digital cards adds charm to the overall business, but there are several other benefits of digital business cards. Using digital business cards will offer several benefits to users:

· Quick Sharing of Information

Getting physical card printed and designed involves a lot of time. As they were in physical form, it took time to deliver them to people.

But with the digital card option on Popl comes with technology, you can quickly transfer the business cards to your audience with a single click.

Even there is no chance of misplacement of cards as they are digitized so that they will remain as a record.

· Expand the Connection

Business cards contain all crucial information related to the organization, including name, company, position and email. These will surely help in business expansion.

You can easily send the detail to clients with full convenience through digital cards on Popl. Sending details to people at different places becomes easy with digital cards.

The Updation Option is Available

Correction can be done easily on digital business cards available on Popl. In printed cards, a person cannot make changes in cards that are already published, but this is not the case with digital business cards.

They will offer you convenient services that will be a favorable option. as per checking other digital business cards we have done popl business card review with some pro’s and con’s included.


For What Popl is Best for?

Mainly Popl is a platform that is famous for various digital business cards. It offers a suitable and convenient option to have contact with a targeted audience.

Using such a platform is a good option, especially for people traveling from one place to another. like popl review we have done review for other products in our digital business card list.

popl digital business cards are the first go in our list.

Is There a Requirement of Any Subscription on the Popl?

You are no longer required to have any subscription to Popl to have their services. I have used the platform, and with 100% surety, I can inform you that having a subscription to Popl is optional.

How to Have a Connection Between Business Info and Popl Products?

With the help of the Popl application, you can set up business cards for free. After adding complete information, you can start with sharing of data with help of the QR code of application.

Is There a Requirement of Application in the Receiver’s Phone?

No, it is the main reason people use this application. Even if the receiver of the information does not have Popl application, then also he can easily receive data conveniently and with proper ease.


Based on my experience with Popl, I can say that it has a high potential to have a good reputation in the market. Once you start with an application to share digital business card, it will surely work as a standard for you in business expansion.

The company offers several benefits to users that encourage them to choose this platform to buy various digital business cards.

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